Types of Custom Curtains and Draperies

Draperies and curtains have the ability to add immense personality to any room in your home. They play a large role in helping to create the ambiance for a space and regulating the amount of outside light that is allowed in.

It is important that we differentiate between the two first. Curtains are usually the length of the window, and are lighter and less formal, whereas drapes are floor length, usually have a heavier liner, and are more formal. They both come in a variety of designs and looks, and at Rainey’s Decorating Center, we can help you with custom curtains and draperies that will suit you and your home, as well as help you choose the right style, fabric, and color.


The most common type of curtain is the sash curtain. They are found in virtually every household. They are primarily designed to filter light, and are typically unlined. They can add a refined look to your room and offer a splash of color.


Café curtains create an informal feel to your space. They cover only a particular portion of the window and exemplify light. They do not offer much privacy but allow an abundance of light in the room.


Sheer curtains offer very little privacy because they are translucent and filter light into the room. They can be used to block the view from the outside into the room while not obstructing the view from the inside. If you are wanting a window treatment that blocks more light this one will not be for you, but these curtains do add a sense of drama and romance to a room.


Lace curtains are similar to sheer curtains except that they are made from a lace fabric and are usually only decorative in nature. They can provide a room with a more traditional look, and when paired with another curtain can help to control light. Pairing a lace curtain with another curtain allows you to update this classic look.


Gathered curtains are very versatile and allow you to change the look of your room at a whim. Simply pull them back and tie them up when less privacy is needed. You can pleat the curtains in various manners to allow versatility.

Table Top

Table top curtains are usually made from narrow straps of fabric. They have a loop of material that attaches to the curtain rod. They provide a striking look to any room but drawing them can be challenging when you want to obstruct the outside light.

Decorative Treatments

There are many decorative treatments that you can add to your curtains or draperies to add elements and make a statement. A swag is a piece of pleated material that you can hang across the top of the window treatment in semi-circles. A swag is usually paired with a jabot or a cascade. A valance is often used to hide drapery hardware, and can also be used as a decorative element on their own. They are generally hung freely, but can be ruched, flat or shaped. A jabot is the complicated pleated portion that can trail down the sides of a swag. The use of any of these added decorative elements can enhance your custom window treatment.

At Rainey's Decorating Center, our professionals can help you choose from a variety of fabrics and colors tor just the right custom window treatment to fit your home’s décor. We serve Arlington Heights, Palatine, Mount Prospect, and the surrounding Northwest Chicagoland area – contact us so we can help you make the home of your dreams!