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Best UV-Blocking Shades

Can you believe that summer is officially back in Arlington Heights? Neither can we! However, we are ready to embrace pool days, bonfires, and fireworks launching into the sky. What we are not ready to embrace, however, are inadequate shades that do not block harmful UV rays. We put sunscreen on our skin to protect from sun damage, but we often forget that prolonged sun exposure can make our flooring, furniture, and artwork fade. Does this mean you have to throw blackout shades on every window in your home and never enjoy a sunny day again? Of course not! Instead, you can enjoy a variety of custom shades from Hunter Douglas that are made to specifically filter out harsh UV rays, including Designer Screen Shades and Silhouette® Window Shadings.

Shades near Arlington Heights, Illinois (IL), that prevent long-term sun damage

Designer Screen Shades

When it comes to finding the best UV-blocking shades, you want them to be made with a material that truly deflects harsh rays instead of just shading your home. Blocking between 86% and 99% of the sun’s damaging rays,Designer Screen Shades are an excellent option to consider. Designer Screen Shades are perfect for wide expanses of glass–including as patios, screen doors, or sunrooms–and smaller windows seen in bedrooms, offices, and other areas. Designer Screen Shades let you enjoy your outdoor views while curbing the sun’s harsh rays all summer long. Designed by five different openness factors–or the density of the fabric–Designer Screen Shades let you have total control over the amount of glare, UV blockage, privacy, and visibility coming into your home. These shades also come in a variety of custom colors for you to choose from.

Silhouette® Window Shadings

If you want a soft-looking shade with easily adjustable vanes that also works to block harmful UV rays, then you will love exploring everything that our Hunter Douglas Silhouette® Window Shadings have to offer. These custom Hunter Douglas window shades work by filtering out brightness, glare, and UV rays to protect your furniture and flooring from fading. Depending on your fabric choices, the shades that block UV rays can filter up to 88% of the sun’s harmful rays without taking away from your home’s views to the outside.Silhouette® Window Shadings also appear to be floating against your window, making them a truly ethereal addition to your home.Silhouette® Window Shadings come in a variety of custom colors that you can choose from to make them fit in perfectly with your home, making them the most versatile and best UV-blocking shades on the market.


To learn more about the best UV-blocking shades, be sure to contact or visit us today at Rainey’s Decorating Center. We are located in Arlington Heights, Illinois, and proudly serve all of Mount Prospect, Palatine, and the surrounding North Shore Chicago area, including Evanston, Glencoe, Highland Park, Kenilworth, Lake Bluff, Lake Forest, Wilmette, and Winnetka, Illinois.